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Not Scotland but Suffolk

The thrilling sound of Red Deer calling through the mist, the locking of antlers, the majesty of a succesful male. Like an apocalyptic version of birdwatching, the stag rutting season is a seasonal event that comes to Suffolk as well as the Scottish mountains.

Red deer are native to the area around RSPB Minsmere, and the staff there have set up a viewing post so visitors can experience the weird excitement of rutting deer, as the males intimidate each other with strange calls and try and hang on to their harem of does in the face of opposition, bashing heads those who oppose them. Those taking children may have a little explaining to do about why they are motivated to do this… 

Via the Eastern Daily Press website
The viewpoint will be open daily until November 2, from 3pm to dusk. RSPB staff and volunteers will be on hand and telescopes and binoculars will be available. For more information, call the reserve on 01728 648281.
To get there, leave the A12 at Blythburgh. At Westleton, turn left on to the Dunwich Road. Drive straight on and the RSPB’s trailer is on the right hand side with car parking further up on the left.