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Change is afoot

This blog continued at its own domain, so I could have much greater flexibility in the form of it. I do hope you’ll join me there, and please do update your bookmarks and links to All the previous content has migrated across, and  there’s masses of new posts, including Gary Breeze, whose work is shown below and lots of other interesting people and places in East Anglia. So please do come and join me here.

Gary Breeze Shipping Forecast


Foraging in the hedgerows – spring

Today I went foraging in the woods with friends for the fresh green tops of stinging nettles which are just coming into growth to make nettle and ginger beer. I can’t yet vouch for the flavour – it takes about 7 days to be ready to drink, so watch this space.

Even if it turns out barely drinkable it was a good reason to get out into the spring sunshine, which angled through the new leaves and splashed on colonies of white wood anemones. Top tips are avoid anywhere dogs might have used as a toilet, and stick to the bright green top growth rather than the older, darker leaves.

There is a good recipe here – fingers crossed it turns out well, and is worth the odd sting. Go try it!

NB If you’re interested in reading more about art, design and culture in East Anglia, please do follow the blog to its new home at – you’ll find more posts on everything interesting happening in the area.

Stinging nettle pic by foreby on flickr
Wood anemone pic by Vinje on flickr