Grand Design for sale

If you caught the recently aired episode of Grand Designs that showed a hexagonal, oak-framed eco house being built in the Cambridgeshire fens, you might be interested to know it is up for sale.

Eco house from Grand DesignsFor anyone not in the UK, Grand Designs is a TV programme that follows ambitious, elegaic, one-of-a-kind house building projects – from the burning eyed optimists clutching architects drawings at the beginning of a build to the broken husks they become at the end. They get worn down by endless problems like the custom-made windows from Germany being millimetres too large for the spaces, or (as always seems to happen) the wife gets pregnant halfway through the build and suddenly any delay to the schedule means she will have to give birth in the caravan they are living in while building their dream home.

Kelly Neville built most of this house literally by himself, coming day after day to a field with some oak beams and hand shaping them and fitting them together in order to make a home for his family. It was fascinating to watch, and the house came out gloriously. There are loads of photos on the estate agent’s website here, and some pics and a description of the build process here. £500,000 doesn’t seem too horribly expensive when you consider it comes with nearly 6 acres of land.

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6 responses to “Grand Design for sale

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  3. I see this house from my house, its lovely

  4. Want to build a 8 sided house in almost the same way it would be nice to know the size’s of the plans to get an idea .i really liked the hexagon house every one should build there own house in such ways there’S more then enough land in the uk for people born in the uk to do this , that would solve the houseing shortage in no time. Only greed stops this from happening.the thing is its better for the environment 100% so i cant see the problem and i have been in the building trade for years even my father was in building control. Built his own house and even built boats the over 60ft mfv type in timber. If we can use are hands then we can do enything, your brain works your hands. So if you are good with your hands then you are more fact are abbility to use tools and are hands to create defines us as human.cant use tools no good with your hands , then that shows your not that intelligent. Now you know the truth.oh we are past relatives where not origenly from earth .one reason theres no missing link.check it out the evidence is there.

  5. Andrew Nicholas Reedie

    I have just watched this build on tv here in Australia in 2017. Wanted to see it as it is today and was so surprised to see it up for sale. I hope the family are all well and wanted to say what an inspirational building. Congratulations on finishing it.

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