I’m escaping the mud season here to a much warmer place for a week – back with increased optimism that spring will happen* at the beginning of March.

Steve McCurry Srinagar - boat filled with flowersThis beautiful photograph of India is by Steve McCurry, who has made me completely overexcited about going with his beautiful, atmospheric images. I hope the real India lives up to his books.

*I am beginning to doubt it will happen, even as I sort seed packets and see the green stubs of the first spring bulbs

Edit: I have moved the blog to a new URL at These posts will remain here as an archive, but do come and join me for more current posts at the new blog.

7 responses to “Holiday

  1. Spring will happen — but oh you fortunate ones who can even think of it for March.

  2. Having just come back after a week, I am astounded by how much things have grown while we were away – the first crocuses and first spring iris are both in flower. Roll on all of it.

  3. That is an amazing image! Thanks for sharing your blog…I’m excited to dig in!

  4. you are greatest photo grafar in the world

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  6. Visit India and explore its wilderness around dec-feb. you will escape Indian sweat and heat around about that time

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