Bleak Norfolk

It has been bleak here recently – damp, cold, windy, grey. The only possible response is to stay home in front of the fire and drink sloe gin instead. I’ve been virtually travelling instead, enjoying the visual pleasure of the flatlands through other people’s eyes.

This is the Norfolk marshes, as seen by Rusty Projector on Flickr. It proves definitively that flat, wet and grey can be beautiful seen in the right way. 

Clouds and grass by seeks2dream.  Horizontal wind and cloudy skies, but in a way that captures summer. I’m feeling more cheerful already.

Sunset over Norfolk by Alex Layzell. Definitely November, leafless trees silhouetted against the light. It’s all about the skies here. The golden hour is extra golden when the landscape is so stark.

Sunset over the Broads by Paul Russell.

Wide Norfolk skies by Colin 30d.  

And back down to earth with some beautiful buildings for when the weather draws in.

Eco-photography’s picture of beach huts in Wells-next-to-the-Sea was taken before a summer storm.


And finally the Cromer telephone exchange, to remind us of the cosmopolitan nature of North Norfolk

Photo by rosberond

And look, the sun has come out – better get out there blinking in the light – there’s sleet forecast for later. Thank you to the Creative Commons community on Flickr for the reminder how beautiful it can be here.

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